We supply a full range of raw meat and cooked meats, prepared on the premises,

along with a selection of canned goods, cheese and sausage. 

The list below is only a guide, we always try and cater to our customers requests, so anything you require please contact us.

Please ask us about our range of Farm Assured, Halal and Organic Meat.

Raw Meats

Beef – Minced and diced, joints and steaks

Chicken – Fillets, diced, supremes and whole chickens

Pork – Joints, steaks and diced

Lamb – Joints, diced, chops and mince

Turkey – Joints, diced, steaks

Cooked Meats

Why not try our selection of Turkey, Beef, Gammon, Pork and Ham, available as Joints or in 500g vacuum packs or gas packed trays.

We also stock a selection of Delicatessen meats, Pastrami, Chorizos, Salami’s, please enquire.


Grated and block cheese available, cheddar, cheshire, red leicester and coloured cheddar, also a selection for your cheeseboard on request.

Canned Meats

Corned Beef (also available sliced)

Pork Roll

Tuna Chunks (in brine)


Try our Free range eggs, or why not have a look at our Organic Free Range Eggs, from various poultry breeds, Speckledy, Boven Nera, Hebden Black, White Leghorn,
Welsummer and Maran, collected straight from the farm.

Organic Free Range Duck and Goose Eggs when in season.


Fresh Sausage – Pork, Cumberland, Pork & Leek, wide or thin, 4oz and 6oz Cumberland Rings.

Frozen Sausage – supplied IQF in 4.54Kg Boxes, various sizes of Pork 8’s, 10’s & 12’s. We also supply Halal Chicken Sausage 12’s, also we have available Wild Boar & Apple, Pork with Red Wine & Rosemary, Spicy Cumberland all supplied in 3Kg Trays.


2oz & 4oz Halal Beefburgers

2oz & 4oz Beefburgers